Questions? We Have Answers.

Common Questions

Right now we only accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for funding your GitCash wallet but we reserve the right to add additional funding options in the future. If that happens, expect them to be credited as Bitcoin Cash at market rate; all tipping and withdrawals would still be in Bitcoin Cash.

Not yet but it will be. GitCash was created to give technology builders like you a chance to see the best and most resilient cryptocurrency function in the very way it was built to function, as uncensorable peer-to-peer digital cash that can be used by everyone in the world at almost no cost.

There are some real strategic concerns with releasing our code right away. We'll be carefully considering the timing over the next few months as Bitcoin Cash establishes itself as the upgraded version of Bitcoin capable of delivering the political and social revolution described in the original Satoshi whitepaper.

We don't! Not now. Never. GitCash operates at no cost to you. We cover our operating expenses from donations. This service only exists to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash and motivate others to be inspired by it like we've been. You'll never pay a fee to us and we'll never, ever sell your data.

The ideas Bitcoin inspired have potential to fix a lot of the world's problems, but only if they're realized. Currently Bitcoin Cash is on track to achieve those ideals. The creators of GitCash are committed to helping in whatever way they can.

That's a great question. How do you know any service is safe? Just like in real life, reputation and history are what matter most.

GitCash plans on doing everything in our power to earn and keep your trust. If we fail at that, it's a stain on the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and adding value to that ecosystem is the only reason we exist.

Within the next six months, we'll open source the codebase so you can see for yourself that we take care of your data as well as your coins. GitCash uses current industry standards for encrypting and storing private data. We use modern best practices for managing users’ wallets and funds. We are committed to updating our platform as these standards evolve and better ones emerge.

While we support BSV's right to fork, GitCash will only operate on the BCH chain for now. If BSV becomes the dominant chain as measured by legitimate POW and transaction volume, we will re-evaluate this decision. In the mean time, you can safely deposit pre-fork BCH and withdraw the balance on each chain.

We're wide open to any and every way we can improve this service. Describe what it is you'd like to see and send it to us at [email protected]. We will get back to you whether we can use your idea or not. If we build it, we will let you know as soon as your feature is ready to rock and roll!

We are always open to input from smart people who see the big picture for cryptocurrency! Although the codebase is not yet open source, get in touch with us if you want to help us build it. All you need to do is send us an email at [email protected]. Let us know your area of specialty and how you want to help and we will be in touch.

Whatever your skill set, there's likely a way you can help. Send us an email at [email protected] and tell us how you want to help.

While we are open to all offers, we are specifically interested in ideas that make it easier for new users to understand the GitCash deposit, tipping, and withdrawal workflows. For example, infographics, animated GIFs, design assets, instructional videos, user support forums, etc. However you can help, please let us know!

Welcome aboard! Forward-thinking people like yourself are essential to making GitCash succeed! You can send your donation to bitcoincash:qrdf9w034w9l7lgu7yt2tem7403paeky2geytpuccn
Funding Your Account

Don't panic! There are several external factors that can delay a transaction . If it's been over three hours and you've still not been credited, send us an email at [email protected].

In the nearish future, we will have an efficient system in place to process support requests. Hopefully we won't need it. ;)

If you have any further questions about your account that isn’t covered by our FAQS, please send us an email at [email protected], and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We want to make sure your experience is excellent, so reach out to us anytime if something is wrong. Feedback is helpful, so please give us any suggestions to improve our service. We are all ears.

Calling the GitCash Tip Bot

The GitCash bot is pretty smart. The only requirement is that you @ mention the bot's Github handle (@GitCash) then put these three things on the same line, in whatever order you'd like.

  1. The unit - Choose between `bch`, `satoshis`, or `bits`, `usd`, or `bucks`

  2. The amount - Include the number of whichever unit you'd like to tip.

  3. The receiver - Also do an @ mention of the Github user, you'd like to tip.

Do tip like this:

@GitCash 1000 bits for @alwaysAn0n


Hey @gitCash bot. Please send @alwaysAn0n .01 bch


Thanks for your help with this.

You saved me at least 5 hours!!

Oi @gitcash bot! @alwaysAn0n must be immediately gifted 10000 satoshis

Also, knight him and give him some pudding!


@GitCash send $5 to @alwaysAn0n

but never tip like this:

@alwaysAn0n gets 1000 bits @GitCash


GitCash 1000 bits for @alwaysAn0n


1000 bits for @alwaysAn0n


@GitCash 1000 for @alwaysAn0n


@GitCash 1000 euros to @alwaysAn0n


@GitCash .01 bch to alwaysAn0n

Call the GitCash bot from the body of a pull request, the comments on a pull request, the body of repo issue, or the comments on a repo issue. That's it for now.

There are a few reasons why your tips may not be working as expected. First, check your account balance and make sure you've got coins to give away. Next, you may want to make sure calling the tip bot correctly. For detailed instructions, read ‘How to Call the GitCash Tip Bot, in the earlier section. Failing that, send us an email at info at gitcash.io and we’ll make sure it’s not a glitch our end!

Withdrawing Funds

Don't panic and see the question above concerning deposit delays. Since one person’s withdrawal is another's deposit, the same rules apply.

It's easy! Once you've logged in click the button in the navigation bar followed by "Download Paper Wallet" (note. this only works if you're using GitCash from a computer or laptop).

This will take you through the process of generating a secure paper wallet that you can safely store your coins in. Once you've finished, you'll be asked to confirm that you've saved it somewhere safe. Once you've done that, you'll complete the process by hitting the "Delete this wallet from our servers forever" button. Doing this will trigger the withdrawal straight to your new paper wallet so you can keep it secure until you've found something cool to buy.

Negative. While it would be convenient, we're taking an ideological standpoint and not supporting payment methods that are expensive to process and prone to censorship. We might make an exception allowing users to fund with legacy Bitcoin (BTC) that auto-converts to Bitcoin Cash. Other than that, don't hold your breath waiting on us to adopt obsolete payment methods.