Step 1: Log in with Github

Simply create an account by logging in with Github. No passwords to remember and no marketing campaigns to dodge. All of your personal information is kept private and every notification is opt-in.

Step 2: Add Some Coin

Fund your account with Bitcoin Cash using any BCH enabled wallet or use your device’s camera to import a paper wallet. If you’ve been tipped by another user, your funds are already waiting for you. Log in to claim your account.

Step 3: Tip Away

Tip your favorite Github users from within a Github issue or send them a quicktip from the GitCash website. You can also tip Github repos directly. This allows the repo owner to distribute the tips amongst the team. See the full FAQs for details.


Not yet but it will be. GitCash was created to give technology builders like you a chance to see the best and most resilient cryptocurrency function in the very way it was built to function, as uncensorable peer-to-peer digital cash that can be used by everyone in the world at almost no cost.

There are some real strategic concerns with releasing our code right away. We'll be carefully considering the timing over the next few months as Bitcoin Cash establishes itself as the upgraded version of Bitcoin capable of delivering the political and social revolution described in the original Satoshi whitepaper.

We don't! Not now. Never. GitCash operates at no cost to you. We cover our operating expenses from donations. This service only exists to spread the use of Bitcoin Cash and motivate others to be inspired by it like we've been. You'll never pay a fee to us and we'll never, ever sell your data.

The ideas Bitcoin inspired have potential to fix a lot of the world's problems, but only if they're realized. Currently Bitcoin Cash is on track to achieve those ideals. The creators of GitCash are committed to helping in whatever way they can.

That's a great question. How do you know any service is safe? Just like in real life, reputation and history are what matter most.

GitCash plans on doing everything in our power to earn and keep your trust. If we fail at that, it's a stain on the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem and adding value to that ecosystem is the only reason we exist.

GitCash uses current industry standards for encrypting and storing private data. We use modern best practices for managing users’ wallets and funds. We are committed to updating our platform as these standards evolve and better ones emerge.


Say Thanks

Did someone surprise you with a perfect pull request? See a helpful comment that saved you a full day of debugging? There's no better way to say "thanks" than cold hard cash.

Vote With Your Dollar

It's not always clear to developers what new features are most important. Put your money where your mouth is and use GitCash to vote on feature requests.

ChainTip Bounties

We've partnered with ChainTip to bring you bounties over Github. Now it's easy to get those new features built!

It's Free

GitCash is a free public service that aims to be financially transparent. We run on donations and strive to make zero profit. We're not selling anything that includes your data.

Freelance Easier

GitCash allows Github users to accept payment for their work on the same platform the work is done, Github! Skip the office or even better, quit your job! Well maybe not yet... but soon.

Join the Rebels

Bitcoin has been hijacked by the very people who where supposed to take care of it. A group of rebel coders and early Bitcoin pioneers are stealing it back and forcing an upgrade. The name of that upgrade is Bitcoin Cash and it restores Bitcoin's use as a permissionless digital money. Join us!